Important information

It is extremely important that we explain some things to you, our esteemed patrons. Placing an order from us means you understand the following, and, accept that for any discrepancy in your order based on any of the following factors, we cannot be held liable. They are as follows:
A) Lighting:
1) All our product images are shot under 4500K (colour temperature is conventionally expressed in kelvins, using the symbol K, a unit of measure for absolute temperature. For more information about colour temperature, kindly click here) lighting. 4500K is known as the "neutral" white lighting, and comes between the "warm" white 1000K lighting and the "cool" white 10000K lighting. 4500K lighting is generally the benchmark lighting for colour identification, as it does not adulterate objects with warm or cool tones.
2) Have a look at what different colour temperatures of lighting look like:
3) Objects appear to be of different colour based on what the colour temperature of the lighting being used is, as shown below:
4) In conclusion, since the lighting used at home (typically 3000K) differs from the lighting used at your workplace (typically 6500K), or differs from the lighting used at a luxury hotel (typically 2200K), our products will look different based on where you are, and we cannot be held liable for any issues you may have with your order due to this factor.
B) Camera technology:
1) All our product images are shot with an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark 1 camera. 
2) Each camera manufacturer usually has their own preferred configuration of colour balance, as each manufacturer targets a different audience. Have a look at the image below, to understand how colour balance plays an important role in determining how an image ends up looking. (For more information on the impacts of colour balance, kindly click here.)
3) After intensive testing, we have found that the Olympus OM-D EM-5 Mark 1 showed us the truest colours compared to any other camera that we tested. 
4) However, do remember, that there is no camera (yet) that has the capacity to capture colour and dynamic range to the extent that our vibrant human eyes can, and hence no colour balance setting can truly be called "right" or "wrong".
Hence, we cannot be held liable for any issues you may have with your order due to this factor.
C) Image enhancement:
We do not enhance any image of our products as our field is a very technical field, and it is of the greatest importance to us, to ensure all our product images look as closest to our actual products, so our beloved patrons can feel comfortable shopping with us. 
D) Screen technology:
1) There are multiple existing screen technologies, such as Plasma, LCD, IPS, LED, OLED, AMOLED, Super AMOLED, and many more. 
2) Each screen technology has a different mechanism of handling colours. (For more information on screen technology, please click here.)
3) As an example, LCD uses backlighting, while OLED lights each individual pixel up independently, meaning LCD blacks are never truly black, and end up seeming to be a very dark shade of grey, as the backlighting glows underneath the screen, while on the other hand, OLED blacks are true blacks, as the pixels that are responsible for displaying, actually turn off individually, thereby evading any hindrance caused by a backlight. Here is an example:
4) Apart from this, certain software enhancements also are often added by device manufacturers, on top of the aforementioned hardware choices, and one example of this is HDR technology. (For more information HDR technology, please click here.) Here is how that looks, compared to a device without HDR:
5) Due to these factors that are completely uncontrollable by us, we cannot be held liable for any issues you may have with your order due to this factor.
E) Our policies:
We dearly request that you read through our refund policy, privacy policy, terms of service, shipping policy, and shall you still have any questions, do feel free to engage with our team on our contact page.