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The number one stop for all your fabric needs. We have not just something, but have everything for schools, offices, universities, hospitals, the film industry, boutiques, designers, product showrooms, decorators, event managers, models, brides, grooms, birthday kids, and you, the end consumer! Our cloth comes from not only around the globe, but from within the heart of India as well! Silks, polyesters, cottons, linens, beadwork, laces, brocades, synthetic fur, synthetic leather, wool, suiting, sequins, velvets, lycra, jerseys, spandex, denims, linings, georgettes, satins, chiffons, printed stuff, plain stuff, is just a few of the things we source from China, Korea, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Dubai, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Jammu Kashmir, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu to name a few! That's well and good to know, you say, but worry you not, as you don't have to just buy the cloth and sit mum! We have some of the best tailors, who have pioneered the art of aesthetics, and be it an outfit for your little puppy, or your wedding gown, or your sherwani, or a real classy three piece suit, or even a naughty one piece dress, you can count on them! We're an A-Z solution, when it comes to fashion!
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